Why I Stopped Organizing

Why I Stopped Organizing

Midlife crisis light bulb moments don’t have to happen once in a lifetime.  In fact, these enlightening moments usually happen once a week.

Things like, when you finally figure out what was growing in that bowl in your fridge, or you have the epiphany to stop eating gas station hot dogs everyday for lunch, or you actually remember to fill your car with gas before a road trip.

One of my light bulb moment’s revolved around my belongings.

I was tired of organizing, cleaning, picking up, and (did I say organizing?) STUFF over and over again!

To put it mildly, I was getting MAD.  I’m one of those people who likes to do something and then be done with it.  Like, I want to organize that crap and then be done with it and never have to organize it again.

(Same with running btw, I want to do it once then never have to do it again. 😂 Also, ask me about the time I jogged with a bobcat.)

The everyday-ness of housekeeping is a struggle. I swept that floor yesterday, why am I sweeping it again today??

Obviously, housekeeping is not my strong suit but it still needs to be done.

Due to, well, shall we say frustration, with the stuff in my house, I decided I didn’t want to organize ever again because it would just be messed up a day later. So I didn’t. I just crammed things in corners, stacked crap on top of crap, and let me house become a disaster.

And then I would be grumpy and then I would make everyone else grumpy, and then it would just be miserable in our house because we’re all grumpy and the house is still a mess and I didn’t have time to do anything but manage the chaos.

Why I Stopped Organizing

Let me give a little glimpse into what I’m talking about.  We had an entire room devoted to stuff.  I’m talking boxes filled with things from high school and college.  Random books and textbooks, unopened gifts, and ugly decor were organized into neat little sections.

I had a hallway lined with things. Stuff piled high with a narrow walkway past it.

So I did what I had to do to never have to organize things again.


Best way to never have to organize again? Get rid of your stuff!

When you don’t have stuff to organize, you don’t have to organize. It’s just that simple.

It’s so simple it’s brilliant.  

Truly amazing.

It has radically changed my life.  I’m not wasting hours organizing stuff that I never use.

And really, most of the stuff in our homes NEVER gets used anyways.

When was the last time you wore those pants that don’t fit?

When was the last time you used that kitchen gadget that you’re not sure what it is?

When was the last time you wore those uncomfortable shoes?

When was the last time you looked at that ugly vase and liked it?

It is frightening how much stuff we fill our houses with that is superfluous. 😳

By pursuing minimalism, rather than it making me feel like I’m lacking in belongings, it has helped free me up to use what I have!


reverse minimalism guide


The biggest perk: I DON’T HAVE TO ORGANIZE JUNK.

It feels so GOOD not having to organize. (I hate all things housekeeping related, so this was a good move for me.)

I have other things I’d rather do than constantly be taking care of my house. Housekeeping/homemaking just isn’t my jam.

If it’s yours- good for you! I really do wish I enjoyed it more. People who enjoy homemaking have some of the most welcoming homes (and personalities) I’ve ever been around, so please know that I’m not trying to put down people who enjoy homemaking. Please keep at it because you make the world a warm and welcoming place. I’m just trying to find a solution for myself when I dread all things homemaking.

For me, I love finding ways to work at home with my kids. I love all things planning. I love trying new business ideas. I love writing and blogging. I love ranching. I love traveling.


When I don’t have to spend a bunch of my time managing my stuff, I actually have time to pursue these other things! I have time to write, ranch, work, etc. It’s fantastic!

How to stop organizing your stuff:

My closet after I created a capsule wardrobe. (Terrible lighting, but you get the idea!)


After creating my own capsule closet I found a lot more freedom in my cleaning routine.  Before, I felt like I spent half my time organizing and reorganizing my closet, so I got rid of all the clothes I never wore or didn’t do good things to my face. I found that I never had to reorganize our closet.

It feels great.

To Do:

  • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit
  • Get rid of clothes you don’t like
  • Think about creating your own capsule wardrobe to save yourself time and frustration
My fridge after a deep clean and some serious meal planning. It doesn’t always look this clean and organized, but since I’ve been planning meals and grocery shopping it resembles this way more than a cluttered mess.


My kitchen is so much more manageable without all the stuff. I mean seriously. I love only having utensils that I use on a regular basis. I have empty space in my cupboards and drawers because I only kept what I use.

To Do:

This is not my bathroom, but I’m getting inspired to actually decorate my bathroom the way I like it.


I like clean bathrooms. It’s just something that I notice- and it drives me crazy when my bathroom is cluttered. (Which still happens btw, thanks to me throwing dirty laundry on the floor 6 out of 7 days a week.)

I tried all types of bathroom organization hacks to get all the bottles and randomness under control. Turns out, I don’t even use half that stuff! So I got rid of it and only kept the make up, shampoos, cleaning supplies and medicine we use and need.

To Do:

  • Simplify your make up routines
  • Simplify your hair routines
  • Simplify your cleaning supplies. (My cleaning cabinet is in my bathroom.)
  • Simplify (aka throw out old stuff!) your medicine cabinet


I don’t start the day with “what should I organize now?”

I don’t feel behind in my housekeeping.  Even if there’s a mess now I feel less stressed because there’s plenty of room in the closets or cupboards to put it away.  I don’t have to reorganize fifty million things just to fit one more t-shirt in the closet.

It’s been life changing.  Do yourself a favor and begin minimalism.  You will feel so much less stressed.  And if you’re like me you can stop being angry about the amount of stuff you have to keep organizing.

You can stop organizing your paper clip collection……

Guess what?

(Unlike my husband, I will NOT say “chicken-butt”…. arrrg.) I haven’t organized anything since I’ve begun my minimalism journey. Not one stinking thing.

I still pick up things, (just because you’re a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t be messy!) that’s just a given when you’re alive and have kids, but I have yet to “organize” things.  I’ve simplified the items in our house to things that we use on a regular basis and it has even helped messy-me be a better housekeeper!

Would you choose to stop organizing?

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  1. Hi from another Oregonian! I actually like organizing, but I love minimizing the amount of stuff so that I’m only organizing things we use! As my kids grow, they use different things and so do I, so I think it’s a process rather than a one-time project. It’s a heck of a lot easier if you only keep useful/beautiful things, though!

  2. I totally agree! I was obsessed with organizing for years, until I was over it. Then I got rid of half our stuff. It was amazing. I hardly had to organize anything after that because there was plenty of room for what I kept. Life changer!

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