Why I Quit My Shopify Store

Why I Quit My Shopify Store

I know I promised you a step by step guide to setting up your shopify store…..

Except now I’m here to tell you why I QUIT my Shopify store…..


And it’s not what you would think.

I had my online store plans ready to go. I was excited to start implementing ALL my ideas. I had specific plans, goals, and specific steps lined out on what I was going to do.

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And then I set up my Shopify store.

I was prepared to meet obstacles and learn how to get around them. (I’m NOT a technical person, so setting up an online store was daunting, to say the least.)

Except I was setting up a store with Shopify.

And it was simple.

And incredible.

And there were so many options of how to set up your store, and what to sell.

I dove in. It had every option imaginable and I began to set up my ENTIRE store within a couple hours! (Thank you hubby for letting me go to the coffee shop and use their fast internet. 😁)

Everything was ahead of track and plan because Shopify made it so. stinkin’. simple.

The problem:

My time. (Cue dramatic crying.)

Running an online store isn’t something you do in five minutes a day. I’m a stay at home mom to two young children (2&3, and one on the way!), I blog, AND we ranch.

I found that I couldn’t devote enough of my time to everything. I wasn’t able to put the time into my kids, home, blog, ranching, and running a store. I had to recognize my limitations at the moment.

It was such a hard decision to make, because it’s something I am SUPER excited about. And I have the opportunity to do it. It’s just a matter of “not right now.”

(Also, I have really, really, crappy internet. I mean really. So trying to run a blog AND an online store conflicted.)

I know we all have to decide what we spend our time on, and right now I need my kids to be my focus. Blogging is a little more hands off than running a store, so if my kids are sick for a couple days, I can focus on them and the blog will be A-okay during that time.

What I really think of Shopify:

I’m going to be honest. I went into it very skeptical. I was ready to have to go to school to learn how to set up an online store. Seriously.

I thought that I was going to be left hanging while trying to set up an online store.


Instead, Shopify was super easy to use, very simple to navigate, and had so many concise step by step guides that I could figure out whatever I needed to!

I’m not sure you understand just how incredible that is.

Me, non technical, years late to the smart phone game, didn’t buy a laptop until 21, un-techy me, had a fun time setting up the store and figuring out what apps I wanted to add!

Shopify perks:


  • Sell through your own shopify website
  • Sell in person
  • Sell on facebook
  • Sell on eBay, amazon, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, instagram, Wanelo, houzz.


Shopify’s app store (most of them are free!):

Anything you NEED to set up a store, it’s got it: customer service, invoicing, email collecting, coupons, shopping cart reminders, etc.


  • Shipping options (hundreds!)
  • Currency converters
  • Cart reminders
  • Coupons
  • Invoicing
  • Returns
  • Shipping
  • Email optins
  • Dropshippers
  • Manufacturers
  • Marketing
  • Photo optimization
  • ….and many, many more!!!

I was a little blown out of the water with how much I could do with Shopify.

It was a really tough decision to step back for a while. But I’m going to be 100% ready to run my shopify store when I have the internet and time to do it. Because when I launch my store, I want it to be imperfectly perfect. 😊

So yes, I may have quit my Shopify store, but it has won me over as a firm Shopify supporter!!


Do you have any great ideas for a store? What need can you fill?

I highly recommend Shopify! You can sign up here, and start a 14 day FREE trial to see if it’s for you. I don’t think it will disappoint.





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  1. Great information! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s so hard when you have such good ideas but not enough time to do everything! I hope everything is continuing to go well while you take care of your little ones! They are what is most important! xo – Kam

  3. Time management is my big issue too. Thanks for your honest review though.

  4. I have wanted to start an online store!

  5. Time management is always one of my challenges too. You really do have to figure out what can most practically fit your schedule, or you can waste a lot of time and effort and not get far with the wrong format for your lifestyle!

  6. I didn’t think that I have the patience for an online story. I don’t think it would keep me engaged

  7. These are great information on setting up an online store. I would love to try set up one on my own. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are sooooo many options with Shopify that I think they can meet almost any need of store owners. They’re great to work with when you decide to start your store!

  8. I run an online store too and completely agree at how hard it can be with the amount of time you need to invest. Everyone has to do what is best for them in the end. Sounds like you made a good choice for you!

    1. That’s so great you run a store- I would love to check it out! What type of store do you have?

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