Why You Shouldn’t Meal Plan

Why You Shouldn’t Meal Plan

People talk about meal planning and all the reasons you should do it. But they don’t talk about why you shouldn’t meal plan. I figured it was time to cure that.

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Why you shouldn't meal plan

Why you shouldn’t meal plan:

  1. If you meal plan, you’ll never get to experience that last minute panic when dinnertime rolls around.

  2. You’ll get to experience making a mad dash to the store because you’re making chicken and rice- but you have no chicken.

  3. Wasting food will be so much easier without a meal plan.

  4. If you were concerned your grocery budget would be under $300, don’t worry. You’ll easily be able to double it without a plan.

  5. Everybody has too much time on their hands: without a meal plan, you won’t have to worry about that. It will eat up lots of that extra time of yours. 😉

  6. Without a meal plan, you’ll get to eat pizza pockets on a regular basis!

Have you experienced any of the above when you don’t have a meal plan? I know making meal plans take time, and time is a precious thing. But having a meal plan is going to save you so much time and frustration in the long run.

I am the guilty party that eats unhealthy things if I don’t meal plan. I mean really, I’m that person that eats gas station nachos. So please. I know how to be unhealthy when I put my mind to it.

That’s another reason meal planning is so good for me. I can make myself be healthy by planning nutritious meals.

So now we know why you shouldn’t meal plan. But what are the reasons why you SHOULD?


Why Should You Meal Plan?

  1. Less stress.

  2. Less waste.

  3. It’s economical.

  4. Saves time.

  5. Is healthier.

When you meal plan you can plan out quick healthy meals that fit within your budget. That sounds like a winning situation to me!

I have a confession: I only like to cook when I feel like cooking. That mood strikes maybe once, twice a month. I could happily eat cold cereal every meal. Hello Reese’s Puffs.

Anyways, if I meal plan, I enjoy cooking way more, AND I can plan convenient meals that won’t take me 14 hours to make. (Ok, I know people don’t spend that long cooking, but sometimes it feels like it!)

If you want some good resources for planning meals, I have a free meal plan work sheet for you to download. 7 Day Meal Plan Worksheet

Or Amazon has this cool thing and you can stick it on your fridge!

Knock Knock What to Eat Pad (Yellow)


What would you think if someone did the meal planning for you? What if you were saved the hassle of planning your meals?

Why you shouldn't meal plan

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