Where To Set Up An Online Store

Where To Set Up An Online Store

For anyone who is wanting to work for themselves, or to work from home- good for you!

It sounds easy. Like you should roll out of bed at ten and drink coffee for five hours before doing any work.

Those of you who do it- understand the real struggle of finding your niche and pursuing it.

If you are looking to begin a home based store, you need to consider selling on an online platform.

There are so many platforms where people can sell- well, pretty much anything!  From Shopify to Poshmark, and everything in between. You can sell anything from antiques, to furniture, to cardboard toilet paper rolls. If you can dream it up, you can find a niche for it.

Where To Set Up Your Online Store

How do you find the right one for you?

Let me tell you.

Just kidding.  I can’t tell you.  You’ll have to decide what will work best for you business and you, but I CAN tell you about several of the selling platforms available for your use.

*Some of the following are affiliate links. It won’t change anything for you, but it helps support Carina Jane blog. 🙂

Where To Set Up An Online Store:

Selling platforms:

WooCommerce: I’m not overly familiar with WooCommerce but I’ve read good reviews about it and that it is a relatively easy to use platform which allows you to add widgets and plugins to your blog you’ve already created. It sounds as though it is easy to integrate with what you’ve already made and it has good feedback!

Shopify: This is an online platform that allows you to sell through Facebook, through your own online storefront, AND in person.  They have several different tiered pricing plans and the ability to upgrade if you find that you need more. It’s crazy easy to navigate and set up. (I’m technologically challenged so this is perfect for me!)

With Shopify you can immediately start selling your digital products or find manufacturers, set up dropshipping, create marketing campaigns, and many other things. It really takes the work out of setting up a store, and it also does the work of finding suppliers for your store!

Siteground: If you’re a local business and need a website, I highly suggest setting up through Siteground. It’s who I run this blog through, and it’s made setting up a website super easy, especially for someone like me who is NOT technical. Their hosting plans start at $3.95 a month and will help you gain exposure and find new clients and be able to showcase your store.


Etsy: Is Etsy the godfather of all craft selling websites? Who knows, but it’s quite popular!  Easy to use, with high popularity and a decent help desk. (They’ve been good to me at least!)

Bonanza: Another handmade and vintage selling site.

Zibbet:  Zibbet has been touted as treating it’s crafters very well.  I’ve never worked through this platform, but if that is the case than it is definitely worth checking out.

Aftcra: Aftcra is a site for selling American handmade crafts.  A little more specific and may narrow your audience but if you are looking for a niche market than you could find it here.

Amazon Handmade:  The everywhere-amazon has a handmade division where you can apply to sell your crafted goods through them.

Used Goods:

Poshmark: Looking to sell clothes? Used or new?  Poshmark has boutique options and you can sell men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes.  Easy to use, they truly take most of the work out of it for you.  You just have to stand above the crowd.

OfferUp: OfferUp helps you sell your items locally.  If you’re selling something huge that’s going to be a pain in the you-know-what to ship, than OfferUp could be a good solution.

Depop: A selling platform for clothes, gadgets, dishes….actually, I’ve seen a little of everything on there!

Amazon:  Aaaaand we’re back to Amazon.  Because it’s easy to sell with them.  New or used items.  And if you get into using Fulfillment by Amazon you’ll save time and make money.

eBay:  eBay is still a giant when it comes to selling online.  A great source!

Craigslist:  Craigslist is another often overlooked platform for selling items.  If you live in a rural area it might not be as easy but it can be done!  I’ve met several people who make a steady income from selling on craigslist.  When selling on craigslist please always be safe!


This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s intended to give you someplace to start.  Opening a store is NOT a small project, (ask me how I know!!) so I hope that some of these online platforms will make it simpler for you to begin.

What is your choice for an online selling platform?

Where to set up your online store


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