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It helps to have some good resources to pull from, whether you are working on your home business or you're trying to do yard work with a baby.

The following resources are all ones I recommend and have used before.

I don't use all these resources all the time. I'm a firm believer in mastering a few things well, before adding more to your repertoire. Especially when running your own business, it's easy to get excited and want to do EVERYTHING at once. I've tried that.

Trust me, it doesn't work.

Instead, find the tools and resources that will be the most beneficial and help you manage your time and business better.

Some of the following resources are marketing tools, social media management tools, or all around life management tools. Because when your daily life is under control than your business life is going to begin thriving.

I CANNOT state that enough. If you are struggling with simply LIVING, then you're going to struggle in work. Which is why I've created this list. To help you with some of that.

P.S. Check out the life management category if you are needing some inspiration about how to manage life!

*The following list contains affiliate links which do NOT increase prices at all for you, but will help support the blog. 🙂


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Time Management Tools


"If this, then that" app.

If you're looking for an app that does everything for you- this is it! You set up different "recipes" on the app. Such as, if it's going to rain in Los Angeles, send me a notification. If something meets my craigslist search criteria then send me a notification. If someone tags me in a twitter post then like their post. I mean, the list is endless!

IFTTT is perfect for saving you hours of time.

The best part? It's free.


Day planner:

I know you didn't want to find this under time management- because everybody recommends a planner of some sort.

But I'm beginning to have serious mom-brain and I HAVE to write everything down these days, or I'm in deep trouble.

The 365 Planner is my favorite because you can fit SO MUCH stuff in there. And it's cute. So, you know, hard to resist. Checkout my review post about it here!

The Happy Planner Medium Classic Agate July 2018 Thru Dec 2019

Education Tools:

You can always learn something new no matter how much you know.

Ultimate Bundles:

Ultimate Bundles sells bundles of ebooks and courses at a highly discounted price, but only for a short time.

Bundle topics include crafting, blogging, working from home, decluttering, parenting, essential oils, healthy living, and much much more!

Books I recommend:

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands


Why I don't sell ecourses on my blog

Minimalist Tools:

Minimalism is a life changer. I'm a work in progress right now, but minimalism has helped me so much.

It's given me more time, less stress, and an easier to manage home.

If you're curious about minimalism check out some of the following blog posts!

Giant List Of Things To Get Rid Of To Help You Get Started With Minimalism

How To Create A Minimalist Kitchen

Toys, Kids, And Minimalism


Office Tools:

My favorite office tools include being a notebook snob, a cheap printer, and a good cup of coffee. 😉

As far as being a notebook snob, I love writing on actual paper. I think better that way. I'm able to brainstorm way more on paper than if I'm on a computer.

Journals and notebooks are my faves.

Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop - Lemome A5 Wide Ruled Hardcover Writing Notebook with Pocket + Page Dividers Gifts, Banded, Large, 180 Pages, 8.4 x 5.7 in



If you're looking for a basic printer, this is it. The reason I'm absolutely loving this printer, is it was super affordable, AND the ink doesn't cost you your retirement fund.

I print a high volume of pages, and normally it would cost quite a bit in ink, but the Brother printer is HALF the price to use. So it's definitely won my approval.

Brother MFC-J480DW - Wireless Inkjet Color All-in-One Printer w Auto Document Feeder, Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled

Life Management Tools

Meal Planning:

If you spend half a minute on this blog, you'll find out that I am a HUGE fan of meal planning.

Whether you pay for a meal planning service, make your own, or find free meal planning ideas, it can save you loads of time and frustration if you have your meals planned out.

Knock Knock What to Eat Pad (Yellow)


The dreaded word... Budget. 😩

But seriously, do yourself a favor and keep track of where your money goes. Use a budgeting app (there are hundreds out there!) and track where you spend your money.

This will help you SAVE money and make sure you keep up on those annoying bills.

I use the EveryDollar app. (It's free!)

Earn Money:

Along with the budgeting, it's nice to be able to either save money, or make money.

I love cash back apps, because I'll make back a percentage of my purchase.


My personal favorite is Ebates, because I do a lot of online shopping. Thats how I buy diapers, cleaning supplies, etc.  So when I order from Walmart, Amazon, Target, or other stores, I'll get cash back for my purchases.

It integrates with your browser on your computer, or you can download the app to your phone. Anytime you make a purchase, you get cash back.

If you sign up with my link you'll get a bonus $10 after you spend $25. So make sure you sign up before your next online order.


Ibotta is an easy cash back app for your grocery shopping. Get money back on hundreds of different grocery items including fresh produce.

It's easy to use: just download the app and tap on the rebates you want to add. Snap a picture of the receipt when you get back from the grocery store, and the money will get added to your account.

Use my link and get bonus cash back with your first purchases.

Why I don't sell ecourses on my blog

Affiliate Tools:

As a blogger, you have to decide your preferred way of earning an income.

My personal favorite is affiliate marketing. I can recommend products I use and love, all while providing a higher quality product than I could make. (AKA, I'm technologically challenged!)


Shareasale is a great affiliate network that connects you to thousands of retailers. It's easy to use, and is a great place to get started if you're beginning on affiliate marketing.


I love recommending Grammarly because it's something I use everyday and it has been 100% worth the money I invested in it.

They have a great referral program where you can earn up to $20 for other people's premium upgrades.
Join Grammarly's Affiliate Program

Magic Links:

I'm new to Magic links, but I'm already loving it.

You use their "link wand" and it creates an affiliate link to whatever product you are wanting to recommend! Easy to use with over a thousand different retailers. It's probably the easiest affiliate network I've worked with so far.

Sign up and start earning with them.

Ultimate Bundles:

I love ultimate bundles because you earn a great commission with them, they offer lots of information for an affordable price, and as an affiliate you can buy bundles at an even higher discounted rate! (Or even score them for free!)

As an affiliate you earn 40% of the price of a bundle. For those of you who are new to affiliate marketing, that's a great commission rate!

Get started here.


Ebates is not only a great cash back program, but it has an awesome referral program too. You can earn up to $25 for every referral.

Not bad when you're already getting paid for your purchases!

Sign up here, get cash back, and start referring!


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  3. I use the IFTTT and daily planner the most.

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