One Minute Minimalism Hacks

One Minute Minimalism Hacks

Switching to a minimalist lifestyle can be a little overwhelming. When your house is overstuffed with things you never use, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

(This is coming from someone who started with an overflowing house! I seriously was on the track of being a hoarder. Scary!)

If you’re busy working full time or have young kids, it’s difficult to find a large chunk of time to begin tackling the cleanout process.

Something I’ve learned during this minimalist process is that you don’t need an hour-long block of time to be able to get things done. When you have a lot going on in life, it’s hard to find a huge chunk of time.

You’re busy. I get that. You don’t have time to do huge projects like downsizing your house. I mean really, that’s why we’re pursuing minimalism, isn’t it? To have the freedom to pursue the things that are important to us? To have time to enjoy life?

I’ve made a list of minimalism hacks you can do in just ONE MINUTE to begin living a minimalistic lifestyle. That way on those crazy busy days you might only have a spare minute- you can still be working on simplifying life.

To help you save time and minimize your house even more, I’ve created a 34 page minimalism guide you can get at my store.

P.S. Remember minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation!

One minute minimalism hacks

One Minute Minimalism Hacks

Here is a list of things you can get rid of in a minute or less. This way you can get started on a minimalist lifestyle no matter how busy you are.

Before you get started, make sure you have some trash bags on hand that you can easily fill!
Hefty Strong Large Trash Bags (affiliate) from Amazon.


  • Throw away your stack of junk mail.
  • Find three broken pens and get rid of them.
  • Get rid of any paper clutter on your counter.
  • Put two dishes you don’t use in your donate bag.
  • Get rid of an appliance you never use.
  • Donate two shirts you never wear.
  • Get rid of a pair of shoes.
  • Donate a pair of pants that don’t fit.
  • Throw away mismatched socks.
  • Donate a sweatshirt.
  • Get rid of a knick-knack you don’t love.
  • Throw out old food.
  • Get rid of your stack of magazines.
  • Grab a piece of decor you don’t like and get rid of it.
  • Find a weird mug and get rid of it.
  • Get rid of water bottles you never use.
  • Get rid of a book you never read.
  • Throw out old makeup.
  • Throw away a candle that smells bad.
  • Get rid of any chipped or broken glasses.

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There you have it! Quick one-minute minimalism hacks that will help you get started towards minimalism.

Remember you don’t have to tackle the entire house at a time! Just start with one small task at a time. You’ll begin seeing progress faster than you think!

One minute minimalism hacks

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  1. These are great hacks. I do these things all the time but never considered myself a minimalist. I just thought I was neat and tidy. I do like a clean, neat home with little clutter but maybe I’ll start calling myself a minimalist now in the New Year! Ha! 😉

  2. these are all such great ideas & it’s perfect timing because who wants to enter 2018 with all that clutter – getting rid of clothes I never wear is key for me!

  3. I love your list of tips! Sometimes the idea of minimalism scares me and is overwhelming, but these are simple things that I can do quickly, and will probably make me feel better about my condo! Thanks for the list!!

  4. This is awesome — thank you! 2018 is the year that I finally decided it’s time to declutter my life and live more minimally. I’m glad I have these tips & tricks to help me along the way. 🙂

  5. I recently read up on a minimalist life and thought I could never do that, but after reading your hacks, I do it’s now alot more doable! Thanks for sharing this, I have alot of things I need to declutter in my life!

  6. I love your blog. This is my first time reading it but I’m addicted. I don’t decorate, I have a house full of animals. They are all rescues so I feel they are more important than materialistic “things”. I want to live minimally but I have a husband that can’t throw anything away and is a slob. Do you have any advise on how to handle this situation (besides when he is out of the house throw stuff away, because I’m already doing that). Thanks!

    1. Hi Shelley! That’s so great you have rescue animals! Animals can take up a LOT of time so I know what a sacrifice that is for you to do that. Oh my- I really wish a had a good answer for you. My husband is NOT a minimalist either….Buuuut he’s starting to appreciate minimalism and how it creates a much more relaxing home. For us, I simply got some large tupperware, told him that whatever random stuff (because it really was random stuff!) he wanted to keep had to go in those boxes. I told him I would get him however many boxes he needed. Once it was boxed up, I set it in the garage where he could get to it anytime he needed it. That’s just the method that worked good for us- and after not touching those boxes for almost a year, he realized how much of it was just clutter.
      It might be worth a try doing that- because it helps them see how some things just aren’t necessary but they don’t feel like we’re pressuring them to “get rid” of it.

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