My Reverse Minimalism Method

My Reverse Minimalism Method

There are many methods of becoming a minimalist that we could talk about. But I want to tell you about the minimalism method that has helped me pursue a minimalist lifestyle.

A bit of back ground: I’m a messy, junk piling, disaster-ignoring soul.

I tend to be a hoarder. I’m the clutter-bug person that drives you neat and organized people crazy.

Growing up, I had all my clothes piled in the bottom of my closet and I would just pull thing out of the pile that I wanted to wear that day.

Being a mess is normal to me.

Turns out, changing my ways was a lot easier than I thought!

BUT I had to use a different method.

One of the popular methods of minimalism, is to go through every item you own, hold it, and decide if it “sparks” joy.  (I’m not exactly sure what that means….)

That doesn’t work for me. 😬

For me, if I try to hold everything and decide if it brings me joy, or if I would use it., I would end up keeping absolutely everything. I’m the “I might use this someday” kind of person. I’m the “I’ll save these old jeans to make a craft with them” person.

Except when I keep those things I never use them anyway. They just sit there. And sit there. It accumulates dust and takes up space in my home.

I’ve found that I have to circumvent my clutter bug self and make it so that I can’t keep hoarding stuff.

Which is how I came up with the reverse minimalism method.

The Reverse Minimalism Method:

Make a list of everything you use daily.

Get rid of the rest.

1. Make A Wardrobe List:

When you make a capsule wardrobe , write it out on paper first. Trust me. It will make it soooo much simpler. My paper sketching for my capsule wardrobe was messy and discernible only to me. But, it made creating it so much easier.

{P.S. There’s going to be an entire post on my capsule wardrobe coming soon. I created it around Christmas… Then found out I was having a baby. Enter in maternity clothes.)

Write down what clothes you wear regularly, or write down your ideal capsule and simply get rid of the excess.

I created a capsule wardrobe with the clothes I already had, but being pregnant threw a catch in that. Now I’m enjoying the travel maternity capsule wardrobe. 😂

reverse minimalism guide

2. Make a kitchen list:

What do you use regularly? What’s a useless gadget? Get rid of the rest.

The kitchen is a tricky place because it contains so many different gadgets, utensils, appliances, etc. They all serve a unique purpose…..

I suggest that you keep the appliances you use regularly AND that serve multiple purposes. If you want more minimalist kitchen ideas, check out my extreme minimalist kitchen experiment.

What kind of meals do you cook on a regular basis?

You probably don’t need fifteen mixing spoons.

You don’t need ten frying pans, most stove tops only have four elements anyway.

Figure out what you use every week and begin narrowing down the rest of your kitchen items.

3. Make a bathroom list:

Write down exactly the products you use daily.

Get rid of the rest. It’s that simple.

I have a simple five-minute makeup routine and I realized that I didn’t use all of that extra makeup stuff I had sitting in the drawer. So I got rid of it. Maybe makeup is your thing, and you enjoy experimenting with all of it, but maybe you only paint your nails in pastels, get rid of the other nail polish you don’t use.

What about shampoos, conditioners, body washes, perfume? What do you USE every day?

Keep what you use, get rid of the rest.

4. Make a design plan for your decor and furniture:

What kind of home do you want to have?

What kind of decor do you ACTUALLY like?

If you don’t truly love that vase that looks like it’s seen better days, than get rid of it!

BTW, moving is a great way to get rid of stuff. When I moved, I didn’t bother to decorate my house. (I wasn’t much of a decorator before anyways.) I got rid of the little trinkets and things that annoyed me. I might not be a decorator, but I do know my style does not involve random figurines of who knows what.

I decided I would wait to decorate my home until I figured out what kind of styles I liked. What gets added to my home are things I enjoy and like. I don’t feel the pressure to throw up a bunch of useless decor just because I have a blank wall. If I don’t know what I want there yet, I’m not going to just fill the space with mediocre decor.

Reverse Minimalism Method:

The reverse minimalism method can be applied to any area of your home. It’s also a quicker way to achieve a minimalist home.

I don’t like to waste time. If I know what I want to do (i.e. create a minimalist home), then I want to get down to business and get it done. Don’t waste time.

You can begin deciding on the kind of home you want and the purpose it will serve:

A restful place to relax after work?

A safe place for your kids to grow up?

A great place to have a home office?

A home where you can entertain?

You get to decide!!



The key to reverse minimalism:

  • Figure out the type of home you want.

  • Make a list of what you’ll need to help you accomplish this.

  • Get rid of the rest.


This is one of the best methods to create a minimalist home, when you are a messy clutter-bug like me!!

(You know who you are!) 😉



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  1. After trying minimalism in many different ways I thought of this and it worked! Great minds think alike!

  2. I feel like this was written about me. I have 40+ pairs of old jeans because I intended to make something from them. Great pointers , I’m going to try this approach because the joy approach you mentioned makes me feel burned out very quickly.

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