Minimalist Bloggers To Follow For Inspiration!

Minimalist Bloggers To Follow For Inspiration!

Minimalism is such an amazing journey to go through. It can change the way you do life in such a drastic way. It provides you with freedom. Freedom to pursue the things that are truly important.

While minimalism is such a positive thing, it can also be tough knowing where to start! Going through piles of your stuff can be so consuming and overwhelming that it’s easy to quit. I know, because I’ve felt like that before. 😁

One of the best things I did when beginning the shift my life towards minimalism, was I got inspired by other people. I read about OTHER people’s foray into minimalism and the amazing impact it had had on their lives. Some of them had been minimalists for years, others were just beginning. The point is, sometimes we need community and inspiration from other people!

Following bloggers who pursue a minimalistic lifestyle is encouraging AND they give practical advice on how to begin minimalism.

Here is a list of minimalist bloggers to follow for inspiration and practical advice.

Some of them have been minimalists for a few years- others are chronicling their process in becoming a minimalist. All of them have something inspiring to add.

It’s great to learn from the ones who have lived this lifestyle a long time, and it’s inspiring to see people who are in the middle of the transition, completely changing their lifestyle! I love it.

Minimalist bloggers to follow for some inspiration!


(These are in no particular order, just enjoy!)

A Welder’s Wife

A minimalist blog that talks about the positive effects of minimalism and how it can change your life. (In a good way!)

Maple Alps

A lifestyle blog focused on simple and intentional living along with natural living and recipes.

Hello Mary Ace

Mary blogs about minimalism with a Christian worldview and she loves to share how a simple and slow lifestyle can result in a more purposeful life.

Pretty In Ink

A creative blog with a focus on minimalism. I love seeing the creative connection with minimalism!

Heart Soul And Whole Food

A blog all about living a simplified life. Less stuff, less financial stress and lots of good food.

The Mindful Mom Blographer

The Mindful Mom Blographer is a lifestyle blog that focuses on bringing mindfulness and intention to your everyday life. Topics include everything from decluttering/minimalism, 2-minute guided mindfulness meditations (with nature photography), helpful advice, and of course, living mindfully. Additionally, Laura Dee (of The Mindful Mom Blographer) and her family are participating in a ‘zero waste’ challenge and have been blogging about their journey.

Twin Pickle

Twin Pickle is a creative lifestyle blog and you can find blog posts about her pursuit of minimalism. I love that she is talking about it while she does it- it’s so wonderful to get to see the real and personal side of it!

Simple Lionheart Life

Simple Lionheart Life focuses on minimalism and intentional living. Be sure to look at her capsule wardrobe category for some inspiration!


I have loved discovering these blogs, and it’s so great to find others who are pursuing a minimalist lifestyle! Be sure to go read their blogs and join their email lists so you don’t miss out on any new posts! 😊

Minimalist bloggers to follow

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