How Minimalism Saves Hours Of Time

How Minimalism Saves Hours Of Time

One of the most time-consuming things for me is taking care of my house. And I’m not even an obsessive cleaner. But taking care of my house used to take hours.

It drove me crazy.

But I finally found a solution to my dilemma.


Minimalism saves hours of my time.

Hours, people. Not minutes, not seconds, I’m talking full hours here….

Do you know how many hours you spend picking up, organizing, washing, and cleaning your stuff?  I know there were days where that was ALL I did!

When you have so much stuff in your house that all you’re trying to do is find a spot to put it away then you probably have too much stuff.

Minimalism was always interesting to me but to be honest I really began pursuing it out of pure frustration and desperation.  I couldn’t win at the housekeeping game.  My house was a disaster (and that’s putting it mildly.) Someone had to send out a search party for me anytime I went in my laundry room.

When I chose to minimize my belongings I began to find freedom in my home and everyday life.  It gave me more time to enjoy with my kids and gave me time to do things like blog, start a store, and ranch.

How Minimalism Saves Hours Of Time

5 ways minimalism saves hours of time:

1. I’m not constantly picking up stuff. 1.5 hours

Toys, clothes, projects, decorations, junk mail.

You name it, and it’s probably been in my house. (Including that frog that was waiting for me in the hallway that once. 🙄)

Trying to find a place to put all of these things is simply stupid. (I told the frog that he had to go.) I used to have an entire DRAWER for junk mail.  Why didn’t I just put it in the recycle bin and free up an entire drawer? Not sure, but maybe I leaned a little more towards hoarder tendencies than I thought.

Before I became a minimalist I found that I was spending hours every single day trying to keep up on the mess that was my home.  There was no reason I should have had to spend that much time picking up junk.

It was ridiculous.

I was spending a ridiculous amount of time just trying to find a hair brush, or a that one mixing bowl that was my favorite.

I would pick up a pile of stuff and set it in another room. Then when we needed to do something in that room, I would move the pile somewhere else. It was seriously out of control.

When I got rid of that stuff that we never ACTUALLY touched, (besides moving it from room to room!) it was so much easier to find the things we USED. I found that I didn’t NEED to be organizing all the time because there was fewer things to organize!


2. I have less stuff to clean. 2 hours

The more stuff you have, the more you have to clean.  The more toys, decorations, dishes, etc, the more you have to clean. My dusting routine is very minimal right now and it’s mostly the windows in our house because there’s not much else to clean. There’s no dusting a thousand little knick knacks or frames.  With way less stuff to worry about cleaning and washing- this saves me a couple hours a week.

3. I have a simple wardrobe that is easy to navigate. 15 minutes

I don’t have a lot of choices of clothes.  Each morning it’s very simple for me to grab something out of the closet to wear and I don’t have to waste a bunch of time digging through a pile of clothes.  I’m working on building a capsule wardrobe and I’m excited to tell you about it! I probably save a good 15 minutes each morning because of this simplified closet.

4. I have less laundry. 30 minutes

I’m not completely sure how this works, but the fewer clothes we have the less laundry we have to do.  Somehow, my laundry get’s cut nearly in half when we are careful to maintain our minimalism.

I absolutely love it.

Not to mention it makes it really easy to put clothes away when there’s actually room in the drawers for it! This easily saves me a half hour a day.

( I confess I’m not a fast folder- probably because I like to make myself miserable while I do it.)

5. I don’t waste time with things I “sort of” like. 5-10 hours

There are some projects that I find myself doing because I feel like it’s something that other people expect of me.  I feel like I need to be making beautiful things and crafting on a regular basis because isn’t that what a stay at home mom does? There’s always some project that someone else thinks that you should do.

Guess what? I’m learning to say no to projects as well as stuff. This easily frees up at least five to ten hours a week for me. No joke. Obviously, I have this people-pleasing problem……..

And so with that in mind, I’m minimizing the amount of projects I tackle. I want to make sure it’s something I actually WANT to do and that I’m not just doing it because it seems like the “normal” thing to do.

Newsflash: no one is normal and caring about others opinions in my life only adds stress and zero value.

Minimalism is about removing the unnecessary from your life. By doing that, you free up your time and have a less cluttered mind to navigate life with.

When you add up how much time can be saved by cutting back on stuff, it comes out to around 20 hours a week.

Turns out minimalism saves hours of time.

I’m talking a major difference in your time schedule! I don’t know about you, but I like the way this is looking!

How Minimalism Saves Hours Of Time

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  1. Such good points! The hardest part is actually getting rid of all the extra stuff now! This is something I have been trying to do but I find I make some progress and then it builds up again. Your post has re-inspired me though!

  2. Someone said clutter is anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living. That resonated so much with me. Just wanted to share it with a like minded person.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

  3. Love this!! I’ve been on a kick of getting rid of things I don’t use!

  4. I’m so intrigued by the minimalistic mindset! It would be nice not to have so much to clean and pick up around the house too!

  5. I try to lessen my clutter at least once a week. I does save me time.

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