Make Your Poshmark Closet Stand Out And Sell More

Make Your Poshmark Closet Stand Out And Sell More

As you become a minimalist, it’s hard to decide what to do with that stuff you’re getting rid of. Some people have the philosophy that they shouldn’t put that stuff out there where someone else might buy it and be cluttered by it.

I personally do not adhere to this philosophy.

Everyone’s life looks different. What one person needs, another person might not.

For myself, I like to donate, give away, and sell the items I am no longer using. (I could write an entire blog post on this topic…maybe I will. 😉)

I think minimalism is a tool in our lives and should be used in a way that keeps us being generous with the people around us.

So it’s easy to find people to give things to people who might need it- especially if you’re moving out of a certain phase of life that they are moving into. (aka having babies, moving, and other big life changes…)

Sometimes you’re at a stage of life where you’re strapped for money. (Ahem, hello to all of you college students and young marrieds.) I can pick on those categories because I’ve been there. 😂

When you’re at that area of life, you might need to find some ways to have a little side job or find ways to make some cash on the side. Don’t stop becoming a minimalist because you’re afraid you can’t afford it! It’s the complete opposite!

Simply find some avenues to sell some of the things you are downsizing!

Remember we’re all about practical minimalism around here!!


One of my favorite ways to sell clothes when I was downsizing was through an app called Poshmark. Poshmark is an app where you take pictures of the clothes you want to sell and then when they are sold, you mail the item to the buyer. Poshmark takes care of the shipping costs and all you do is print the label, put it on the package, and drop it in the mail.

That’s the short note version of it. NOW: if you are not already familiar with poshmark, I recommend downloading the app, and getting familiar with it. If you sign up with my code: CARINAJANE  you’ll get a $5 sign up bonus. I might get a bonus if you purchase something, but we’re here to talk about helping you make money on Poshmark.

Go get familiar with it!!

While the Poshmark app itself is simple to use, there are a few tips and tricks to selling more on Poshmark.

Make You Poshmark Closet Stand Out And Sell More:

1.  Clear, well lighted photos. 

People want to know what they are buying so if you have blurry or dark pictures that don’t clearly portray your item they are less likely to buy it and probably won’t even give it a second look.

2. Share and share alike. 

The Poshmark community is very friendly and encouraging as a generalization.  When you share posts it shows up in your newsfeed for all your followers to see.  You can share your own posts or you can share posts of other posh markers. There’s this sort of unwritten rule in Poshmark where other poshers reciprocate your sharing of their posts and they’ll end up sharing your products to their newsfeed getting you more visibility and moving your product before fresh eyes.  The more you share posts the more your posts will be shared.  Consider it free advertising. be sure to share as many listings as you can!

3. Follow people. 

You will sell more clothing if you build a large following.  You can do this by following more people yourself.  The more you follow people the more they’ll follow you and you’ll be able to have a larger crowd to sell your listings to.

4. Participate in Postmark parties. 

Three times a day there are virtual Poshmark parties.  The hosts of the parties choose the category and usually pick an article of clothing as the “host pick” of the party. The categories of these parties could be anything.  Whether its a handbag party, summer fun, or a specific brand like Louis Vuitton you can share all sorts of things to these parties and get more visibility from the people shopping these parties and you’ll get people sharing your listings even more and probably gain a few more followers.

5. Create More Listings. 

It’s the whole “playing percentages” game.  If you only have a couple things listed in your closet what are the chances someone will find what they’re looking for on your page? The chances aren’t good.  But if you have fifty things listed you increases your product base and are more appealable to the buyer.  The more listings you have in your closet the easier it is for someone to buy multiple things from you and only pay for shipping once.  No one likes to have to pay shipping on every single item they order but if you carry enough items thatchy can find several things they’re looking for the better.

6. Ship Promptly.

Poshmark displays an average shipping time for each seller sp be sure to get your items shipped as soon as possible because that can influence the buyer on whether they should order from you.  If they see that your average shipping time is one day than they know you mean business and will get their clothes to them quickly.  but if they see it takes you a week to get to the post office they may decide its not worth their time.

7. Offer discounts.

By offering discounts for purchasing more products form your closet you will be able to move more inventory and people will be able to create bundles in your closet to pay for shipping only once.

8. Lower prices.

When there are “likes” on a listing, Poshmark notifies the “likers” when a product price changes.  If you see that you have multiple likes on a piece of clothing and your trying to move more inventory, lower the price 10% and you may get a bite. It could be that some of the “likers” are waiting for the product to drop within their price range.

9. Personalize packages. 

When you sell something, look at it as another marketing opportunity.  Show your customers you care by writing a short note thanking them for their business.  If you package your product uniquely they are likely to remember you and shop your store again.  Be sure to include something that has your poshmark name written on it so they can easily look up your closet again.

10. Be honest. 

If there is ANY damage to the listing, TELL them.  They will appreciate the honesty rather than buying something only to discover that the zipper is broken or something. By being open and honest about your listings you will build a trust between yourself and your buyers and that does more for your business than dishonestly selling a piece of clothing.

11. Answer questions promptly.

When someone comments on your item with a question, it’s best if you can answer them right away. Usually if they have to wait a long time for an answer, they’ll find a similar item from a seller who WILL answer their questions.

Poshmark is one of those apps where you get out of it what you put in. When you take the time to participate, your closet listings will be featured more and your clothes will be more visible. But even if you’re just hoping to sell a few items it’s a great option!!

Next time you’re cleaning out your closet, sell some of those clothes on poshmark! It’s a great way to downsize, and a nice way for other people to afford like-new clothes!

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