How to keep a clean house when you hate housekeeping

How to keep a clean house when you hate housekeeping

How to keep a clean house when you hate housekeeping:

This method works really, really well IF you don’t have tons of stuff. If you don’t have piles of things in your house, then this method is easy to integrate into your life. However- if you DO have a cluttered house, I encourage you to read the How to begin minimalism post here. It will change your life in a good way!

Here’s the best method I’ve found on how to keep a house clean when you hate housekeeping:

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30 Minutes to a clean house:

Set the stopwatch or timer on your phone for 30 minutes.

In those 30 minutes, clean your entire house.


  • Don’t pick up your phone.
  • Don’t start and stop tasks over and over- complete a task before you move on. 
  • Don’t slowly clean.


  • Get down to business and get as much done during those 30 minutes as possible!!
  • Clear your kitchen counters.
  • Pick up all the clutter in your house.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Start the laundry.
  • Fold and put away clothes.
  • Work as quickly as you can.

Whatever is your disaster zone, tackle that first.

When you have the worst mess taken care of, the rest of the house seems manageable AND it immediately looks cleaner after that one task. (My worst mess is routinely my unfolded laundry or dishes. 😁)

Once you have the worst task done, start working on the next worst, etc. etc.  You’ll get more done and immediately see the results of your work.

Keep cleaning until your 30 minutes are up! When the timer hits 30 minutes, you’re done!

Why this method works great:

You have a set time.

There’s something about focusing completely on a task that helps you get more done. I’ve found that 30 minutes allows me to get a LOT cleaned in my house. I can pick up all the clutter, get laundry going, clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, and quick clean the bathrooms.

Now, I don’t have a set list of cleaning things that I do each day- I simply do what needs to be done.

One day you may need to vacuum. Another day you  need to wash bedding. Another day you may have had something explode in the kitchen that you need to take care of. You might need to clean out the fridge.

Have a few simple things that you get done every day: Pick up toys, vacuum the entry way, dishes clean, etc. Those tasks that need to get done every day- do those within your 30 minute time slot too!

You have a finish time.

You don’t have to get everything done that day. I personally hate the never ending part of housekeeping. If I have a set time of cleaning, I also have a finish time. I don’t want to clean all day every day.

Oh, sure you could. I mean if you’re the person that likes to mop their floor with a toothbrush every Tuesday and Thursday you COULD spend all day doing that.

But I’ll make do with my steam mop instead.

You do it daily.

Remember how I said you do different tasks depending on the day? The reason this method works is because you do it every single day.

By cleaning your house for a set amount of time you don’t get burnt out doing repetitive cleaning tasks that don’t need done every single day. But you do keep up on the entire house by routinely cleaning every day!

It’s the perfect method for those of us who hate cleaning and don’t want to spend half of our lives doing it.


What’s your preferred cleaning method?

How to keep your house clean

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