How To Get Cash Back Without A Credit Card

How To Get Cash Back Without A Credit Card

I am not a big fan of credit cards. It’s like an accident waiting to happen.

Credit cards allow you to spend more money than you have and pay a high-interest rate on that money. That makes it incredibly easy to dig yourself into debt faster than my kid shreds toilet paper.

So yes, I am an anti-credit card person. But in the interest of being a cheapskate, I DO love that you get cash back from credit cards or air miles, or whatever it is your credit card does.

And so I did some research on how I could get money back on the purchases I make, WITHOUT keeping a credit card.

Guess what? Totally possible.

And I’ve found my favorite trustworthy sites. It doesn’t even require a bunch of steps for you to get cash back or rewards for your purchases. 🙃

(The following has affiliate links which means I might get an incentive if you sign up. 🙂 )

How to get cash back without a credit card



I love ebates. If you want to talk about getting money back, Ebates is a great place to start. Ebates allows you to purchase from a couple thousand stores and get a significant amount of cash back. It also has a list of sales it and promotions going on at the store you are shopping at.

Ebates gives you the cash back that you would miss out on with a credit card. Without the stress of making sure you pay off your credit card every month.

Oh, and it’s free to use.

PLUS, right now since fall here, a lot of stores are offering double cash back. I think I’m going to tackle my Christmas shopping early this year…



Paribus is like a fail-safe in case I forget to use Ebates, but in reality, they can both get you money back for the same purchase. Paribus works by checking your receipts to see if you missed out on a sale or discount and it will refund you that money! Umm, that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

I just signed up for Paribus and am really excited to use it. Simple to do- just give them your email where your receipts are sent to and they will search for any extra savings you missed!

Paribus is FREE for you to use.

how to get cash back without a credit card


So please, go chop up those credit cards so you don’t risk going into debt.  There are so many resources out there that can replace credit cards. You don’t even have to worry about doing a whole list of things to get that cash back! Just sign up and let these sites do your work for you.

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