Why I Don’t Sell E-courses On My Blog

Why I Don’t Sell E-courses On My Blog

Did you know some people blog as a full-time job? Yup, there are lots of people out there who quit their full-time jobs and blog from home, making money from their blog.

I personally think this is awesome. I love blogging, so making a full-time income from it sounds like a great perk.

So yes, blogging AND making a full-time income is something I would love to do!
But the more I learn, the pickier I become.  And yes, obviously I would like to earn a full-time income from Carina Jane. (I’m not even close right now. Just keeping it real for you other bloggers out there. 😉)

But I don’t want to lower my standards to do so.

Let me explain:

There are a lot of different ways people can make money blogging. Affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts, and one of the most popular thing bloggers do to produce their income is they sell e-courses.

They sell courses teaching you how to blog, how to make an income on your blog, heck, I’ve seen bloggers selling courses teaching you how to sell courses!

But I have my own reasons why I don’t sell e-courses on my blog…

Why I don't sell e-courses on my blog

(There are affiliate links in the following. It won’t change anything for you, but I may earn a small commission if you sign up through my link. Like I said, I would love to make a full-time income from my blog! 😉  )

Before I go on, let me just say something:

There are some extremely qualified bloggers out there that have a wealth of information they can teach.

Some of them have created succinct and valuable information on blogging and web design that is actually beneficial. So keep that in mind.  Not all blog courses are created equal and there are some that actually have value to them and are worth the money spent.

However, a new trend is rising where unqualified and uneducated people are selling their misguided information as gospel truth.

Why I don’t sell e-courses:

To put it bluntly: I am not qualified.

I like to think I’m a little educated in the subject of blogging, but I’m probably not compared to some bloggers out there. Just because I could do it, does NOT mean I should.  Yes, I could create an eCourse and sell it, marketing it as a winning strategy for your blog, but it doesn’t mean it would add any more value to your blog.

A lot of the courses that are sold could be learned from a blog post of a qualified blogger, and you could save yourself $97.

I like to think I understand blogging because I have spent an exorbitant amount of time researching how to blog and am now doing it, but, I’m still an amateur. There are people who have done this for YEARS! Or, there are people who have spent 70-80 learning, researching, and putting to practice the blogging things they’ve learned.

All of the information I could sell you is available for FREE if you bother to take the time to look for it. Becuase that’s what I did. I spent time researching and learning. And eventually I’m going to compile that information on my blog for you.

For free.

I am fumbling my way through this blogging business. I am by no means qualified to “sell information” on how to succeed or “How To Be A Blogging Success Overnight.”

Yes, I’m trying to learn social media platforms and I AM learning and understanding them but what I’ve learned I would rather share for free because it’s something I wished other people would have shared with me.

I would rather point your towards the knowledgable bloggers who you can learn VALUABLE information from.

The internet is full of information. I don’t want my readers to feel like I’m putting them on just so they’ll “buy my course.”  I want my readers to know I’ll be honestly sharing my experience with them, both good and bad, and what has worked for me.

Why I don't sell ecourses on my blog

One size does not fit all.

What works for one blog might not work for another and that is something you have to understand especially if you do buy an eCourse.  Maybe that blogger IS sharing information that helped them be a successful blogger. You may follow that information down to the letter. That doesn’t mean you’ll experience overnight success just because you follow their blogging “Five Steps to Success.”  I have yet to meet an honest person who was successful in “5 easy steps.”  Success is often the sweat produced by hard work.

No amount of marketing a blogging course created by me is going to make me qualified to teach it.

Which is why I want to openly share any information I’ve learned in blog post form. There are so many great bloggers out there that teach you about blogging WITHOUT selling you a course for $500 dollars. And I want to be one of those people. I want to HELP other people, not build my own pyramid scheme.

The Types Of E-courses To Watch Out For:

  1. “How to grow your Pinterest views”
  2. “How to start a blog”
  3. “How to make $5000 in your first month of blogging”
  4. “How to gain thousands of social media followers in 1 week”
  5. “How to create and sell e-courses”

Watch out for the courses that sound too good to be true.

They probably are. I’ll be honest, some courses are marketed really well. And I mean really, really well. I mean, if those bloggers wanted to sell something of value, they should teach you their marketing skills.

Anyways, what I’m saying is, if you actually stop to think about what they’re trying to sell you- you’ll realize there’s no value in it.

P.S. I’ve totally bought “courses” that fall into that category. I fell for the marketing and bought something that told me everything I was already doing. The truth of the matter is, blogging is a long hard road.

1. Pinterest views:

There are courses out there that teach you how to grow your Pinterest views to “x” amount.

But here’s a secret: Pinterest views don’t amount to anything- unless you have clickable graphics.

What some people don’t like to tell you is that Pinterest views do not always equate to blog visitors. It definitely helps expose your blog posts to a lot of people- and it DOES drive a lot of traffic to your blog if you use it right.

Getting a lot of Pinterest views is NOT difficult. You don’t need to pay for an e-course to get a lot of Pinterest views.

I get over 500,000 views a month thanks to Tailwind. Oh, and you can try tailwind and get a free month if you sign up with my link.

Seriously. I just told you in two sentences the secret to my Pinterest growth. I’m not going to make an e-course and charge you a crazy amount of money for two measly sentences which is basically the “great secret” of some of these courses.

2. How To Start A Blog:

This is an ecourse that I have fallen for…a couple times. It’s rather unfortunate I was that gullible. Like seriously, I thought “how to start a blog” that would be a great course that walks me through each step of this technological jungle.

I paid for a course that told me to sign up for hosting, write a post, and publish it. Like, really??? I can summarize it right here:

  • Go to Siteground. (I really do recommend them as a host- they have a great support team!) Sign up. Download WordPress. Begin blogging.

Okay, so it’s a little more complicated than that, and I intend to write a blog post detailing it. Buuut, that’s what you do to get started. Sign up with a hosting site (Your blog will be way more protected and versatile this way) and then download WordPress to your blog, choose a theme, and then start designing and writing for your blog.

Now you don’t have to go pay for an ecourse that tells you that information. You’ve got it for free now.

Why I don't sell ecourses on my blog

3. How To Make $5000 In Your First Month Blogging:

Usually, this involves the pyramid scheme of selling a course about how to sell courses. I personally couldn’t live with myself if I felt like I was scamming people.

Now, there ARE some people who make a good amount of money in a short time with their blogs- but the legit bloggers who do this will be the first to tell you, it took WORK. Lots of work. Hard work. And they hustled until they made their money blogging. Heck, they’re still probably working their tails off. So don’t be disillusioned when you see people making money blogging.

It can happen! But you have to work for it. And you have to find what works for YOU! What you invest your time and effort into is what is going to make you the most money.

Ways bloggers make money:

  • Ads
  • Coaching
  • Services
  • Products
  • Affiliate sales
  • Sponsored Posts

Affiliate programs you can join to start earning with your blog:


Ultimate Bundles

Magic Links

There are soooo many affiliate networks out there that you can get involved with. These four are my favorite because they are (1) easy to use, (2) applicable to my blog, and (3) they don’t require fast internet to load or use. (A big bonus for us bloggers stuck with satellite internet.)

How you earn with your blog is 100% up to you. It depends on what your blog is about, so don’t believe the lie that there is only ONE way to earn with a blog.


4. How To Gain Thousands Of Followers In 1 Week:

I fell for this one. Oh boy did I fall for this one. I was like, “heck yeah, if I build my following then I’ll be able to build my blog.”

Which is true. If you go about it the right way.

You see, you’re better off having 5 real followers than 5,000 followers that don’t actually care what you’re writing about.

You want an engaged audience. People who want to learn about the niche you’re blogging about. Numbers are just numbers if they don’t engage with you. So yes, having lots of followers is a good thing- if they are real followers.

How to do this? Pin relevant content on Pinterest. Use appropriate hashtags on Instagram. Join related groups on Facebook. TALK to your audience.

Your following will grow- I promise. You’ll be glad you spent time invested with a real audience.

(P.S. back to the slow internet thing- I LOVE when people comment on my blog. I love responding to them. Sometimes I have to wait for my internet to cooperate with me commenting back. 😩)

5. How To Create And Sell E-courses:

The e-course to end all e-courses. This is the main reason why I don’t sell e-courses through my blog.

I. don’t. want. to. scam. people.

If I wrote an e-course, telling you that you could make a bunch of money selling e-courses about e-courses, a portion of that would be true. You COULD talk other people into buying that e-course from you. But this is not a sustainable model of business. Maybe for a time. But in the end, you are not providing anything of VALUE to these people.

And they’re going to figure it out.

I believe firmly in providing value to your readers/customers/etc. Whatever it is, I believe that if you are adding value to their lives you will build a greater loyalty.

I don’t mind recommending GOOD products or selling something that WILL help someone. But be sure that you are solving a problem for a person or providing needed information.


  • Learn from reputable bloggers.

  • Look before you buy.

  • Figure out what kind of blog you are going to run and that will change what you need to learn.

  • Decide if the information is worth the money.

There is the Genius Blogger toolkit that will be for sale for 2 days on Ultimate Bundles. It compiles all sorts of ebooks and ecourses from educated bloggers that can add value to your blog. May 14-15 it will be available here! 

I would recommend that as a good place to start if you are wanting a TON of information for an affordable price from people who have done this for a while!

Why I don't sell e-courses on my blogging

Now you know why I don’t sell e-courses on my blog. I want to provide you guys with things of value- and I want to make it free for your use anytime.

That probably means I won’t make as much money as other bloggers out there- but I will be able to sleep at night. 😉

There are some great e-courses out there- people who have a lot to offer and teach. You can learn a lot from certain bloggers. I’m not saying “never buy an e-course.” Because I do believe there are some that provide value!

In a final word of warning: Please, please, be careful of what eCourses you invest in.  Research the person selling it.  It will be easy to see if they are a qualified teacher or not.

Why I don't sell ecourses on my blog

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  1. Get post! I agree with a lot of these points. It’s just about half the reason why I started my blog. The worst part is that I would see courses or blog posts giving out info that as a tech person, I KNEW was wrong. Yikes.

    I really felt the same way ’til I realized something. The value isn’t in the course information. People don’t buy courses for the content (ok so a little bit for the content). It’s more for the person teaching it and so they don’t have to spend months sorting through all the content out there.

    They want someone to be there to give them support if they have questions. They want that personalized information rather than a Google search.

    Kind of like how some people continue to ask other people questions rather than just Googling the answers.

    But I don’t understand why, if you were, you would even be thinking about doing an ecourse about blogging when you’ve got a lot of great stuff about life and time management. That’s something just about EVERYONE needs.

    I think a lot of people who own blogs totally miss that there are tons of other bloggers using the ecourse model that aren’t teaching blogging, but do other things like music, art, time management, etc.

    As bloggers, we always see blogging courses because that’s what we’re researching a lot, but there’s so much out there. Some of us even think *that’s* the best way to sell courses, when really it’s all that other stuff we know that usually turns out to be the real money makers.

    After I started blogging, that’s when I REALLY noticed these marketing tactics in my other areas of interest. So people are doing them, just with bloggers all sharing the same info, it seems really overwhelming!

    Yeah there are some people who really try the sleezy pyramid style marketing (uuuuugh the “internet marketing” “make money online” community is the worst), but I’ve found most people to be pretty genuine. Maybe I’m naive.

    Anyway, I really just wanted to chime in that I wouldn’t expect a blogging course from you, but definitely productivity or something. So please don’t do this! It’s like you said, that wouldn’t make sense and it’d be inauthetic.

    I’M ALREADY IN THIS COMMENT SECTION TOO MUCH aaaaaaahhhhh. Didn’t mean to pretty much write another blog post in here lol. Sorry!

  2. Fantastic post!! I started a blog 2 months ago and all I could Think was YES YES YES as I read this.

  3. So incredibly relatable! I would love to eventually have an e-course or something like that but the truth is that I really don’t feel qualified to give solid advice like that. Additionally, from the beginning of when I created my blog, I vowed to keep talking about blogging to a minimum because I was really tired of reading a lot of blogs that only talk about blogging. Any advice I do give is advice from my personal experience but I would never want to scam my readers so I’m definitely on the same page as you.
    Loved this post! Came here from Pinterest!


  4. Yes! I love this post! I’m a fairly new blogger, and I am SO SICK of the sales pitches. I’m sure that some people have incredible knowledge and experience that would be of great value, but I find that 90% of the time it’s just information that is recycled and repackaged, just so somebody else can make money off of it. It’s made me incredibly wary of investing any money in e-courses.

  5. A good and honest post! I agree with you.

  6. Yessssss!!! I have been wanting to create a community and provide REAL value to my readers, but everything I read makes me feel like I have to sell my soul to do it. That isn’t the sort of blogger I want to be, and it makes me wonder if I’m crazy for trying to be genuine. I am thinking about selling some e-courses, but not on blogging because, like you, I don’t feel like a blogging expert. I also think there’s a lot of trash out there being marketed as golden tickets. I am going to sell e-courses on the topics I AM an expert in. If I make a million bucks, great. But I’m far more interested in actually helping people.

    Thank you for thus GREAT post. I feel so much better about blogging life now. 🙂

    1. I love your idea of a community that provides value!! Yes, that feeling where you feel pressured to sell things even though you’re faking it! I’m all for someone selling courses but I don’t want to pretend to know something I don’t. There are so many things people could teach besides “blogging” (especially when they don’t really know what they are talking about!) And you’re right, anytime something is marketed is as the golden ticket it makes me nervous!

      That’s exciting you’re going to make courses though- there are so many other topics people would love to learn about! What are they going to be about?

  7. Thank you for your very honest post! To be honest, I’ve looked into a lot of the e-courses you’ve described to assist me in setting up my “long planned- but still not up and running yet because I’m such a procrastinator and now I think I’ve done TOO much research and I don’t even know WHERE to begin now” blog. There are so many of these courses, and when I’ve looked into them, I’ve found that a lot of them have a lot in common, & I’m not even talking about the content that they contain. I just get this squeamish feeling that I get whenever I’ve encountered some kind of “opportunity” that promises unilateral success.
    I don’t want to offend anyone with this next point, because I know these things work for some, but the e-courses almost remind me of that invite from that friend to Mary-Kay, to Avon, Thirty-One, or any other multi-level marketing type of company. It’s just not my thing. Honestly, I guess sales in general aren’t my thing. And I’m no expert, but I know quite a few people who fell into one of those business ventures and only ended up “buying” a job, a headache, and annoyed friends & family because of unwanted sales pitches.
    Let’s say someone has a meal planning blog that primarily focuses on preparing nutritional meals that are also family friendly & affordable. I follow her blog and have found a lot of her content relevant and useful. Let’s say I go to her blog every week. If she decides that she’s going to write & sell an e-course, that’s AWESOME! I’m totally interested in checking it out. IF, and ONLY IF, it is a course that related to her area of expertise! In fact, it doesn’t even MATTER to me if any blogger is able to do all of the “techy” stuff themselves, or if they have to hire someone to turn ON the computer; that’s not why I’m reading her blog. It’s like if you’re going out to a great restaurant for dinner and the chef serves you a gourmet e-course on how to start a restaurant or getting a haircut and receiving a how-to open a salon.
    I understand why bloggers are doing this; it’s become part of the field. I just wonder that if this trend continues if it is going to begin to erode the industry as a whole.

  8. “Success is often the sweat produced by hard work.”
    This is so true! I love your honesty in this post and it shows that you are genuinely focused on the needs of your readers and not what’s in it for you.
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Gosh, you are so right!!!! I am even seeing some new trends of bloggers regurgitating content they have already given out for free (via FB lives or mini-challenges) into paid courses. Maybe they add 5% new content but the rest is already out there from them. Or I am seeing on The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit the same bloggers creating a “new” course that they can offer in the toolkit, but it is just something “free” they have offered before and now they have you in their sales funnel for their main (expensive) course. You think you get this great value because they slapped a price tag on this “new course” just to be part of TGBTK. I could go on and on!

  10. I am new to Pinterest and blogging – a few weeks in and I’ve been so overwhelmed by the amount of blogging courses. I haven’t invested in any so e-course far, been devouring the free information out here. But I’ve fallen victim to the shiny object syndrome in online marketing many many time, sigh. I totally agree with you about being able to sleep at night. That is crucial and I wish most people realized they have to sleep with themselves at night! Thank you and you’ve got a new sub!

  11. Haha nice, I am glad you wrote this in a straightforward mindset with all honesty. Had to share so people are aware.

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