DIY Supplies You Can Buy From Amazon

DIY Supplies You Can Buy From Amazon

Fall is coming and with shorter rainy days here in Oregon, it’s a good time to start in on all those DIY’s you’ve been wanting to do.

I always get into a crafty mood when the Oregon rain hits. (For those of you who have not spent a winter in Oregon….Let’s just say rubber boots aren’t a fashion statement here- they’re a necessity.)

I’m a horrible crafter- I admit it. Thats why when I minimized my house I got rid of almost ALL of my craft stuff. I just don’t use it. BUUUT, I still enjoy doing certain DIY’s and its good to get into a creative mood sometimes.

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What’s awesome is I can find all of the supplies I need- right on Amazon. Thank you two day shipping. Amazon’s prime shipping has saved my bacon many times over. Living in a rural location makes you think twice before you drive an hour and a half one way to go to a craft store. 😁

(RIP Hobby Lobby impulse shopping.)

P.S. If you haven’t tried amazon prime yet, you get a 30 day free trial if you sign up here. Test out the benefits of free shipping, free music, movies, and much more.

So, what kinds of crafting can you do with Amazon prime to deliver?

DIY Supplies You Can Buy From Amazon


I’m a candle person. I’m not sure if it’s because of how cozy they make a house feel or how often we lose power in the winter.

Either way, I love having candles around no matter what. And they are one of the easiest DIY’s to make!

(If you make them with soy wax at least. I’m not sure if other methods are more complicated or not.)

Get everything you need on amazon: wax, wicks, jars, scents, etc.


Home made soap is a fun DIY and not as scary as it sounds. You can find cute soap molds on Amazon as well as lye. (which you need to make soap!) Homemade soap is something fun to add to Christmas stockings. It’s something useful and unique that doesn’t clutter up houses.

Find all of the miscellaneous fats and oils that you need for your recipe!


I tried to crochet once. Actually, more than once. My square blanket turned into a round who-knows-what.

BUT you can get started with all sizes of crochet hooks and yarn. I personally like the lion brand yarn when knitting, but I’m no professional when it comes to yarn.

Amazon had every type of yarn imaginable!


Knitting is something I CAN do, and actually enjoy, because it gives me something to do when I binge watch BBC dramas. (Hey, I’m practicing for retirement, okay?)


I love making my own jewelry. I like getting to make exactly what I want to wear. This is probably my all time favorite DIY project to do.

Make your own earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.  You get to create your own unique style. What’s not to love??


Did you know you can get all the supplies for making your own chapstick? And it’s actually fairly simple! Shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax. Add some essential oils if you like it scented!


If you need a sewing machine, check out Amazons inventory. I hadn’t even known there were so many types of sewing machines. There are so many kinds- it’s a little overwhelming for a non-sewer like me. They range from $18 to $129,999. So, basically you drop the amount you spend on lunch, or you can spend the same amount you would on a house. Completely up to you.

I would suggest going with something more in the mid-range that would be reliable but affordable.


Make sure that the DIY projects you make are things you actually enjoy doing! Don’t feel pressured to make your own candles if you would rather sew something. Find the projects you enjoy and focus on  those!!

You can still be a DIY-er if you are a minimalist. Minimalism will give you more time to do the projects you love!

DIY Supplies you can buy from amazon

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