Busting Blogging Myths

Busting Blogging Myths

This is going to be an unpopular post. Want to know why? You don’t have to go far to begin busting blogging myths.

Somehow, in the blogging world, ideas and myths are circulating that aren’t necessarily true and then we all continue to perpetuate the myth because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right.

How do you recognize and begin busting blogging myths?

Have you read blog posts about how to create a blog in three simple steps? Most blog titles include “How to create a blog in three easy steps.” Or “How to start a successful blog in fifteen minutes.” Fifteen minutes? Really? I can barely eat a plate of nachos in fifteen minutes much less start a blog.

Well, after starting a blog, and after finding some great bloggers to follow, I learned that this just isn’t the case.

Blogging takes work- lots of work. Blogging takes commitment. Blogging takes time. Blogging takes learning.

Busting blogging myths is an awkward topic, I’ll be the first to admit it. Many of the blogging myths are so widely perpetrated that I feel like I’m making waves. But I feel pretty strongly about this so I’m going to go ahead and make those waves.

I think often times bloggers don’t mean to mislead you. It’s more like they don’t stop to think of the results of their posts or they feel the need to glamorize the “blog life” to increase their following. So please don’t take this as a license to bash other blogs. We don’t want to bring other people down! This is about enabling those of you who are looking to start a blog or are just starting out.

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Busting blogging myths

Busting Blogging Myths:

I wish someone had written this post before I started a blog. After I had read blog after blog about how easy it was to start a blog and grow an audience, I dove in head first. Turns out the pool was empty. ­čś│┬áDon’t be me. Recognize that blogging requires work, commitment, creativity, and a willingness to learn.

The 1-2-3 Blog.

The 1-2-3 blogging myth tells you that in three simple steps you can have a successful blog that people will flock to.

Why this is a myth:

I hate to break it to you, but blogging requires work. Some people believe that blogging just happens. Some people want you to believe there is a magical way to do things if you only buy their expensive book/course. But what they don’t tell you is blogging takes work.

This isn’t a bad thing! Some of the most awesome things in this world require lots of hard work.

Marriage, kids, friendships, financial freedom etc, they all require work, but they are oh so worth it. That’s how I feel about blogging. It requires an incredible amount of work but it’s worth it. Sometimes you don’t see the benefits right away, and that is A-okay because usually, those benefits are farther down the road.

But blogging DOES require work. Please know that if someone says blogging doesn’t require work from you, that’s a fib.

The 15-minute blog.

“Have a successful blog in fifteen minutes.”

Why this is a myth:

About all you have time for in fifteen minutes is getting registered with a web host such as this one, and maybe name your blog.

The truth is there is a lot of time involved with setting up the back end of your blog, figuring out the technical side, which plugins to add, which configuration, etc, much less designing the blog. Oh, and did I forget to mention you have to write the blog posts sometime? I happen to KNOW this post is taking longer than fifteen minutes to write.

Obviously, I love saving time. I love time management and finding┬áefficient ways to do things. Buuuuuut, if we believe the myth that you can create a successful blog in fifteen minutes you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Yes, you can get STARTED in fifteen minutes, then you’ll add weeks and months, even years, building your blog to be what you want it to be. And that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to invest time in something you love!

The do-it when you feel like it blog.

It doesn’t matter if you let your blog just sit for a few weeks.

Why this is a myth:

If you want to steadily grow your blog, you can’t do a mediocre job of it.

There is a certain level of commitment required for a successful blog. It changes based on what your goals for the blog are, but despite the variances, you still have to commit to your blog.

Sometimes you’re going to have to sit down and write a blog post even when you don’t feel like it. Sometimes you’re going to have to muddle through some of the technical crap. Sometimes you’re going to have to stretch your creativity. But you are going to have to be consistent. I’ve never heard of a successful business model that was built upon the “when I feel like it” model.

Let me tell you, some days you will love it. Other days you will wonder why on earth you own a computer.

That’s life. So please don’t feel discouraged when you hit a low point and begin second-guessing yourself about blogging. It’s okay. Just keep going. Push past that point and you will love what you accomplish.

The only way to have a successful blog is to ___.

The “My way is the only right way” theory.

Why this is a myth:

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there. Many of the bloggers are full-time bloggers and they have all found success in a variety of ways.

Beware of the “only right way” blog myths. Because there are so many types of blogs out there, there are many different ways to make a successful blog. (Yet again, you have to define your own version of success.) If you are trying to turn blogging into a full-time job there are many ways to do this.

And there are lots of bloggers out there with success stories to prove it. From making money through affiliate sales with Shareasale, Amazon, or another affiliate network, to cash back companies like Ebates or Ibotta, advertising with google ads, to sponsored posts with companies, to selling e-courses, or selling your own products through Shopify.

What works for a fashion blog might not work for a finance blog. It all depends on your niche and what your goal is. Recognize that there are isn’t just “one” way that makes a blog successful. It will probably take some trial and error for you to find what works best for you.

Don’t worry- even though blogging myths abound, there are still lots of great bloggers who you can learn amazing stuff from!

My two favorite bloggers to learn from:

These two bloggers are my favorites. They both have different styles and avenues of income, but they make it work well for them.

Sarah Titus

Sarah is such an incredible lady.

Go read her story and you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you want straight upfront advice about blogging, this is your girl. She is so good at explaining how this whole blogging thing works and telling you about her own blogging journey.

There is a lot to be said for transparency. Learning from someone who isn’t afraid to be real is going to teach you so much more than someone who tries to pretend like it’s all easy.

Sarah is a mom who is committed to helping other women be able to provide for their families AND stay home with their kids. I LOVE that. It is so inspiring to see someone work hard to be there for their kids.

Start a Mom Blog.

Suzi at Start A Mom Blog has a step by step program based on a 12 month timeline and it lines out what you need to be doing when. She makes it so clear and easy to follow- I love it.

And she’s been there and done it- she’s not just making this stuff up as she goes. She’s worked hard to create her blog and shows you exactly how she did it.

Suzi has created simple easy steps to follow and you can find many blog posts you can learn lots from!

AND she’s keeping up with little ones at home. Can anyone say superwoman??

Both of these women blog with integrity and clearly lay out just how much work blogging is. They have created successful blogs that require effort, work, and innovation on their part. 

Please, if you want to learn from a blogger, head on over to these two blogs and check them out- you will learn so much from these two ladies! Follow their blogs and find them on social media.

Yes, we’ve been busting blogging myths today, BUT we’ve also found some great bloggers to learn from!

Busting blogging myths

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  1. Great post! I totally struggle with the “do it when you feel like it” issue. I try to be consistent since I know it’s important but life sure does get in the way sometimes.

  2. I have to agree with this post! I just started my blog two days ago, and I was just thinking how… NOBODY talks about the hard part of building your website and all the technical issues. My blog is in the beginning stages but check it out… endureyourcross.com.
    Thanks again for writing about the truth!

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