My name’s Carina.

Aspiring minimalist, meal planner, and crazy idea generator. (But seriously, I come up with some good ones….If you ever want to brainstorm with me, shoot me an email. 😉 )

A little about me: I’m a born and raised Oregonian. When winter hits, I can be seen wearing a snow suit, electric blanket, and rain gear.

I married my best friend in 2013 and we have two little boys who keep us laughing. We created a list of things we’ve told our boys. It’s titled: “Things We Never Thought We’d Say To Our Kids.”  Included on the list, “Don’t lick the dog,” “Stop biting my toe,” “Don’t shove cheese in your ear.”

Hey, parenting isn’t for wimps. Or people prone to laughing at inappropriate moments like I am.

Here at Carina Jane you’ll find posts on minimalism, Life management, meal planning, and blogging.

  • I love finding ways to work with my kids and simplify life. I’m a firm believer that having kids doesn’t give you a handicap. Yes, it definitely gets trickier/harder to go and do stuff, but it is soooo possible. You don’t have to feel stuck as a stay at home mom! There are certain things that make it easier to take your kids places with you.
  • Minimalism. Gosh, I love minimalism. It’s amazing. You should do it. Please, do yourself a favor and become a minimalist it will change your life.
  • I hate to cook unless I feel like cooking. What can I say, I’m a moody cook. Which means meal planning, freezer meals, and the crockpot are life savers for me!
  • Life management: goal setting, time management, household management, budgeting, business planning, productivity, etc. All the things that affect your life!
  • I’ve officially become addicted to blogging.


I would love to hear from you! Talk to me about minimalism, tell me what kind of cooking you like to do, or talk life management with me.

Email me at: theswensonadventure@gmail.com

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