A Minimalist Test To Find Out How Few Things You Actually Need

A Minimalist Test To Find Out How Few Things You Actually Need

This summer we’re doing a sixty day challenge. Every day for 60 days, we’re getting rid of one thing. If you want to join in, head on over to Instagram or Facebook. We’ll be talking about the 60 day challenge and keeping each other accountable!

With that being said, there is a fun minimalist test that will help you get motivated to get rid of the extra stuff in your house.

Minimalism test

Do you ever wonder how much of a minimalist you could be?

Do you wonder how little you could live on?

There’s a good minimalist test to find out.


Do this: Travel.

Fill a suitcase, backpack, burlap sack…. whatever your traveling choice may be, and pack for a weeklong trip.

Chances are, you won’t need anything other than what it is in that suitcase- even if you were to be gone a month.  When you are forced to use what you have in front of you, you tend to get more creative and find out that you didn’t need all that other stuff in the first place!

Think about it.  When you travel you usually don’t pack everything in your house.  (At least the people I’ve been around don’t.)

You pack the essentials. That’s it. Because you don’t want your trip cluttered with all that extra stuff.

The minimalist test:

  • What would you pack for a two week trip?

  • What would you actually use that you packed?  

  • Would you survive just fine if you had to stay a week longer?

I’m not sure what it is, but whenever I go on trips they end up lasting longer than planned.  Like, oh hey it’ll be a two day trip, oh nope, just kidding, it’ll be seven days!

But you know what? It’s incredible to find out how much stuff is just superfluous to your life.  All that stuff I didn’t pack for my trips- no big deal, I didn’t miss it.  If I have a few sets of clothes and a couple pairs of versatile shoes, that’s all I need.


reverse minimalism guide


When you’re forced to make do with only a few items, you find out how unimportant the other stuff is. 

You get to experience a simpler way of living, and it really begins to grow on you. Every time I leave my home for an extended period of time, it’s easy to come back and get rid of more clutter.

Traveling is the best minimalism test out there!

I’ve spent an entire summer living out of a duffle bag and a back pack.  Funny thing is, I didn’t even use everything I packed, and half the stuff sat in my car trunk.

It was a great experience to have to survive on only what was in those bags.

Besides, doing a minimalist test is a great excuse to travel! 😉

Remember: think about what you would pack if you were going on a trip- maybe you don’t need the things that you would leave behind!

A minimalism test to find out how much stuff you need

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