60 Ways To Make Money From Home

60 Ways To Make Money From Home

Let’s be real for a minute:

1.Everybody pays bills.  (Or so I’ve heard.)  

2. Jobs help pay those bills.

3. Not everybody loves their jobs.

We live in a time where this isn’t a problem. There are soooo many jobs out there. Part time, full time, virtual, etc. What some people have a problem with, is actually doing the work….but that’s a whole other topic. 😉

While some people thrive on going to work every day and being around people, (ahem, yours truly,) others thrive in a quiet work setting at home.

And guess what? Finding work at home jobs has never been easier. If working from home has always been something you’ve wanted to do, maybe it’s time to start looking at the possibilities!

You can do all sorts of things from home these days.

It almost seems a crime not to take advantage of the age we live in- so if you’re wanting to break away from a traditional job and have your home be your base of operation, check out the list below for some good ideas!

60 Ways To Earn Money From Home


*Some of the following are affiliate links which don’t change anything for you but I may earn a small commission.



1. Freelance Writing: Pitch your writing skills to others.

2. Write for content mills such as:

~HireWriters  http://hirewriters.com

~Textbroker http://textbroker.com

3. Open a Shopify Store to sell anything you want.

4. Mystery shopping

~Best Mark



6. Child care.  Take up some babysitting as a full-time nanny or a date night sitter for a little extra cash!



7. Raise animals.  This one takes time and investment but if you have property than this is a great way to spend time outdoors and be able to make some extra money. Chickens, goats, sheep, etc.

8. Website Testing


9. Fiverr: sell your skills!


fiverr pro

10. Proofreading

11. Editing

12. Real estate broker

13. Web designer

14. App designer

15. Direct sales. If you do direct sales, please let it be something where you actually have an interest in it. You’ll be so much more successful if you do.

16. Medical transcriptionist

17. Transcriptionist



18. Etsy.  Sell your handmade items by opening an Etsy shop online. http://etsy.com

19. Bonanza.  Another handmade crafting platform to open an online shop with.

20. Become a reseller: sell all manner of things on other platforms. Clothes, toys, furniture, etc.





21. Surveys.  This is a terrible way to make a living. So why did I add it to the list? There are some great bonuses and ways to get paid by these websites. Yes, they are survey sites, but I very rarely make money with them by doing surveys. Surveys are time consuming and you could make more money per hour doing basically anything else. BUT, there are some other great ways to earn through these websites, so if you choose to do these websites, don’t waste time on the surveys, just check out their other tasks and offers!




22. Make money with your iPhone.


Field Agent.



23. Photography.

24. Gardening.  Got a green thumb? Sell some of your fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, etc!

25. Ghost write for other blogs

26. Baking. You can sell baked goods from your home if you get the correct licensing. If you enjoy baking, this might be a great option.

27. Music Lessons.  Are you a talented musician that enjoys teaching?  Teach music lessons out of your home or teach them online via a webcam!

28. Rent out extra space.  If you have extra space in your house you could take on a roommate and rent out a room.  Otherwise you can rent out RV parking space or even garage storage space! airbnb.com

29. Dropship.  Enjoy reselling for a profit but don’t want to worry about dealing with the inventory? Consider getting into the dropshipping game!

30. SEO.  Help Google and other search engines optimize their search engines.

31. Antique-ing.  It’s not a word but it should be.  If you enjoy garage-saling and rummaging through thrift stores you can find some amazing antiques to resell for a profit.

32. Detail cars.  Open a car detailing business from your home.  The beauty of it is people bring their business to you and if you are detailed and charge a fair price you can build up quite the repertoire of clients.

33. Art lessons.  If you are an artist and have any talent in those kinds of things you could consider giving art lessons form your home. I have zero talent in the art department- my stick figures can make children cry, so if you don’t mind dealing with untalented people sometimes you can make some extra money teaching art!

34. Nutritionist/Dietician.  If you are properly licensed you could considered operating as a nutritionist from home and helping people choose a healthier lifestyle.

35. Life coach.  Enjoy helping people?  Consider becoming a life or career coach.

36. Bookkeeper 

37. Personal trainer.  Believe it or not you can be a personal trainer from home, teaching classes online or giving specific advice to individuals.

38. Travel agents.  Many travel agents work remotely meaning you have the ability to have a full time job while working from the comfort of your own home.


39. Call agent. Indeed.com lists a variety of jobs but some of them are remote work and you can find a lot of remote customer service work through them.

40. Writer. Perhaps you enjoy writing whether it’s non-fiction, fiction, history, self-help, etc.  Self-publishing is becoming a new beast. Being an independent author doesn’t carry the same rep it used to. Publish on iBooks or Amazon.

41. Inventor.  Have all sorts of great ideas floating through your head?  Maybe you’ll be able to patent that idea and sell it!

42. Accountant.  If you are a licensed accountant you could work from home for companies or individuals, or branch out and do your own freelance work.

43. Bed and Breakfast.  Live in a large home and enjoy being hospitable? You may consider turning your home into a bed and breakfast! (Personally, this is something I’ve always wanted to do….)

44. Professional garage sale-er.  Did you know this was an actual thing? It just goes to show that you really can make a living doing whatever you put your mind to.  Some people go around to garage sales and buy stuff: all sorts of stuff, and then hoard it until they have enough to have their own garage sale where at they mark up all of the items they purchased and resell them via a garage sale.

45. Mechanic.  If you’re a decent mechanic you could consider working from your own garage.  This could be a weekend job or you could turn it into a full time thing. I have no clue what kind of licensing is required to do this, but I’ve known some pretty darn good mechanics who operate out of their home garage/shop.

46. Test scorer.  Apparently most professors don’t like to have to score hundreds of student tests.  A majority of them outsource to other people to get this work done.  Either you can work out something directly with the professor or you can work through specific companies.

47. Teacher.  There are many online teaching jobs available if you are a licensed teacher.


48. Events planner

49. Seamstress

50. Interior Designer

51. Designer

52. Copy writer

53. Virtual Assistant.  With the internet, it makes it much easier for people to hire assistants who live across the country.

54. Care Giver. There is a demand for in home care givers for many

55. Tutor

56. Virtual Juror


57. Blog. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires work and lots of time, but if it’s something you enjoy, it’s definitely worth it! If you’re curious about it, check out my Busting Blogging Myths post.

58.  Insurance agent

59. Home Stager.  If you have an eye for decor, you could consider becoming a professional home stager. They say that staging a home helps it sell so much faster. Perhaps this is your talent area!

60. Pet sitter.

Bonus: Affiliate Marketing! If you have a large following on a social media platform, you could focus on promoting products you like and use.

Affiliate platforms to get started with:


You can link to almost any product on the internet. It’s incredible. It’s also one of the easiest platforms to use.


Shareasale is a platform that connects you with hundreds of business you can be an affiliate for.

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate bundles sells specific bundles of ebooks, courses, and resources for a short period of time. Some of their topics include photography, homemaking, crafting, working from home, blogging, essential oils, meal planning, etc.

Each bundle is only available for a little while, but you can promote the ones you enjoy and have learned from!



Would you try any of the above if it meant you could work from home?

60 Ways To Earn Money From Home


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  1. Great list Carina! I’m all for side hustles and making more money and plus you can do a lot of these together to maximize your income! I love it!

  2. Finally, someone said it, Survey Sites aren’t the best for making money. I do agree with doing other tasks, they can be fun and a good break from your other work. I’m starting a blog right now and maybe get into garage selling, I love buying, why not start selling. Thanks 😊

    1. Lol yes! I want people to know what they’re getting into if they sign up with a survey site! Good for you for starting a blog- that’s exciting! Garage saying and thrifting are a fantastic way to make an income- plus it’s lots of fun looking for good deals. You’ll have to let me know how it goes for you! 🙂

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