10 Things To Get Rid Of Today

Minimalism always seemed like something people were born wanting- at least that’s what I thought.  I’m sure we all know someone who is naturally good at letting things go.  You know, they get the mail for the day and if there’s nothing important they get rid of it that same moment.  Unlike us other people who seem to hang onto that cable advertisement for months….Why??? Why do we do that to ourselves?

I’m the person who is NOT a natural minimalist.

I tend to be more of a hoarder.

Growing up I was the one who had an insanely messy closet.  It wasn’t a matter of not knowing what drawer I shoved things in.  Oh no. I just piled it all on the floor.  And then I played the memory game with myself every morning. I would recall how long ago I wore something and would dive into the pile about three days deep.  😛

Obviously minimizing and organizing is not a natural thing for me.  I’m the person who can have laundry piled all around them and still not give a rip.  It does not bother me. Not one little bit.

Until I realized how freeing it is to have a clean home.

I focus 10x better with everything picked up.

(On an ironic note: I’m typing this sitting next to a pile of laundry while the kids are napping. It is Saturday after all. Keeping it real folks.)

Because I’m NOT a cleaner, I’ve found that the less stuff I have the easier it is to keep things picked up AND it frees up a bunch of my time. So the more I get rid of the less hectic my life is.

I am by no means an extreme minimalist.  I practice what I call practical minimalism. I’m working on it step by step.

10 Things To Get Rid Of Today


What are 10 things to get rid of today?

1. Multiples of dishes

There’s always seems to be a surplus of dishes that live with you. Some of them get used often- others haven’t seen the light of day in five years. Sometimes you have duplicates. Get rid of the duplicates and the unused!

2. Magazines/books

Magazines are the ultimate cluttering item. They multiply like rabbits. Get rid of them.


3. Knick knacks

Trinkets, decor you would never have picked yourself, that glass figurine you can’t quite figure out.


4. Clothes

I got rid of about 70% of my closet….and have not missed it. I got rid of thirty pairs of shoes and haven’t gone looking for them once. Get rid of a bag of clothes today. Donate it to someone else who needs it.


5. Furniture

Sometimes we can clutter our homes with useless furniture. Decide what you use and what you actually like having in your home.


6. Appliances

Along with lots of dishes, it’s easy to accumulate appliance. Weird, strange appliances. Appliances you don’t know how to use……If you don’t use it every week you probably WON’T use it.


7. Cosmetics

Old cosmetics tend to linger in the bathroom. Throw them out!


8. Junk Mail/paper

I get all sorts of junk mail. The ironic thing is I get ads for services they don’t offer in my area. That always cracks me up. Anyways. Recycle that stuff right away. Don’t let it grow into a pile on your counter.


9. Old electronics

Inevitably, electronics get old or broken. It’s easy to let them sit in a closet for the rest of your days. The reality is you are never going to use those again. Pull of the files/pictures that you want to keep then give them away or recycle them.


10. Towels/Bedding/Pillows

Make sure you actually use the towels and bedding that you have! If it’s just taking up closet space for no reason- think about downsizing.



Having a quick reference guide helps me remember what to get rid of.  Use these ten ideas to help you get started minimizing your house!

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